Welcome to California Advocates

We created this site to become a resource for fellow disability and senior advocates to find, share and distribute information. Our goal is to have a broad range of tools and capabilities available, including relevant new and pending legislation (state and federal), programs and services, and assistive technology.

Using the power of the internet to communicate is an invaluable asset in the advocacy community. Sharing our various, unique perspectives is how we affect change, and how we learn from each other. To that end, we want to provide a variety of methods to share--press releases, opinion pages, forums, blogs, or even Facebook and Twitter links. The world is a much smaller place when more people can hear you.

We also will have the capability to create sub-domains. For example, if you have an area of interest that is advocacy related, we can (after review) create a web page that can feature your particular topic or even your area (i.e., sacramento.californiaadvocates.us). You can be assured that with our webmaster's twenty years experience in the computer field, this site will always function as well as possible.

Such a grand mission can only be successful with the participation of you, our fellow advocates. Your input, suggestions and sharing of resources will ultimately make this website as powerful and productive as it should be. At such a crucial time in our state's history, we need to concentrate our strength, power and wisdom in order to insure an improved quality of life for all Californians.

With this year's budget looking worse than ever we are trying to create a way for registered users to add content themselves. There are so many areas that will effect the Disabled and Elderly that we need your help keeping track of the issues. Until we can further develope the site, we encurage all of you to share your information through the forums.


IHSS Alert

Governor proposes elimination of the IHSS program unless the Federal Government contributes $6.9 billion additional funds for California's budget. And even if said funds are received the Governor STILL would move forward with his plans to cut wages and other reductions in services.

Watch the State Budget Sub-Committee #3 discus IHSS cuts and/or elimination today (3/18/2010) starting at 9:30am HERE.

Governor Countdown

Days left until Governor Schwarzenegger officially leaves office:


July 25, 2009
California Advocates web site goes live.

July 29, 2009

Forum area is on-line!

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